Samsung Note 2

Samsung will release a new iteration to its Galaxy Note hybrid phone-cum-mini-tablet, the Samsung Galaxy 2 is set to debut sometime this year. It will come with a 5.5-inch screen which is a fifth of an inch bigger than the one on the first iteration, that was still kind of a large handset. Hybrids, like the Galaxy Note, are smaller than usual tablets but larger than most smartphonesб are called phablets.

There is not much insight on the release date for the Galaxy Note 2, some say it might be released in August, some – in October, while others think it’s as far as September. The only thing that might be certain as of now is that it will have a 5.5 inch touch screen display and will run Android 4.1 also called Jelly Bean, other than that there is no accurate details on it. If the rumors turn out to be true it will have a 2GB ram, a Super AMOLED display or an Unbreakable Plane flexible display. Samsung did not comment on the gossips though, they might have respectfully declined to say anything and/or they do not want to kill the speculations; they want to build the anticipation.

This whole idea of devices smaller than tablets is that people could use them for quick data consuming instead of their smartphones. This could end up being a generous idea after all; the Galaxy Note 2 could actually be ahead of its time.  After all there is a new era coming when people will continually use less voice in communication; they will not have a need to carry their smartphones around for no reason. When that day comes the phablet will rule the world of mobile devices. There are also speculations that the Galaxy Note 2 will beat whatever mini iPad that Apple might bring out, buyers might not choose a 7-incher tablet over the phablet. Chances are Apple notices the attention that Google pays to the Nexus 7, so they might want to retaliate in order to keep dominating the market. But when they do, the phablet will be waiting for them and they will have to bring out something more innovative than that.

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