Google Nexus 4 Doesn’t Come Close to Samsung Galaxy S3

The fourth smartphone under the label Nexus, Google’s Nexus 4 comes as a slender handset featuring a 4.7in high-resolution display, a lot smaller compared to 7in and 10in displays sported by the Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10 tablets, respectively. It uses Jellybean 4.2, a new version of Android, and is backed by a quad-core chipset.

Google’s previous smartphones were made either by HTC or by Samsung. This time, however, the Google Nexus 4 was built by LG.

In terms of appearance and style, you would not find this latest handset as appealing as other smartphones. In comparison with Apple’s iPhones, it is not as attractive as to make you want to compromise quality with style. Upfront, it doesn’t have any features at all. Instead, buttons appear on the display. What saves it from being dull, however, is the fine cut of screen’s edges that works perfectly with the handset’s body.

Nexus 4′s What rear, however, is stylish and fashionably sleek, thereby making up for the dull front display. The glittery pixels adorn the surface beneath as well as the Nexus and LG logos. When you turn the phone, the body seems to sparkle as it catches the light. However, the downside of this is that it highlights the fact that the phone basically consists of plastic elements instead of metal.

Its sideways measure 9.1mm, seems enough for the user to be able to hold it conveniently yet securely. You can also easily locate the power button while just trying to feel the edges. Being a single sealed unit, it gives you a stronger grasp compared to that of Samsung Galaxy S3.

In terms of data storage, you can choose between 8GB and 16GB capacities. What could be a turnoff is that the body does not provide for a slot for memory card, making it impossible for a user to upgrade its memory capability. To counterbalance this deficiency, the Google Nexus 4 provided for a multi-purpose USB port.

Overall, Google Nexus phone can be your ‘it’ phone if you are just looking for an Android handset, but compared to the powerful Samsung Galaxy 3, it appears very typical.

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