The Prospects of Tech Brands in the Mobile Era

Mobile search and mobile advertising become increasingly important. The Mobile Era has its own rules, though, and some companies will benefit from mobile, but some will suffer losses. Let’s take a fresh look at the leading hi-tech companies and understand how mobile they can go.

  • Facebook is likely to benefit from mobile. The largest social network has more than one billion users and, according to Mark Zuckerberg, the more mobile the world will go, the more users Facebook will have. Mobile users open Facebook more often than PC users. As a result, more users will bring Facebook more money.
  • Google is to have a bright and successful future. The company knows how to monetize mobile effectively. Currently, the company’s assets are about $57 billion and, taking into consideration Google’s aggressive policy, will rise in the future. Google purchased Motorola Mobility, pushed Android to the leaders, and introduced Google Glass. Its run rate on mobile is $8 billion. All in all, Google provides great products and services and can benefit from mobile.
  • Microsoft’s mobile future can be questioned, though. The company has launched several great products (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Surface, etc.) However, the future of Microsoft depends on the offering. If the company manages to maintain the current trend, it will succeed.
  • Amazon and Apple are two companies that understood all power of mobile from the very beginning. Their prospects are bright. Amazon will stay a leader of e-commerce with its Kindles and tons of content the company provides through them. Meanwhile, Apple, a hi-tech Giant from Cupertino, is likely to expand. It will drive the sales of smartphones and tablets that shift PCs away. Apple will sell content and work on new innovations.
  • Yahoo is on the fence. Its CEO, Marissa Mayer, is sure that the company will take a considerable part of mobile market. The Q3 earnings report of the company was slightly better than experts expected, but it is no secret that Yahoo and its stuff will have to push the envelope to maintain company’s position on the market. Marissa Mayer is looking forward to prioritizing the company on mobile.

What an investor should do? Invest in Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Keep track of Microsoft and Yahoo – these companies have all possibilities of scoring high. The next decade will be huge for mobile and mobile developers. The demand on mobile will grow and, as a result, mobile talent will be needed. It is expected that the majority of companies will go native and develop their own apps across different platforms. They will innovate across Android and iOS to strengthen their positions. The market is likely to become tablet-centric. In other words: the tech world is changing too fast, so the investors should be aware of all big moves of the largest companies and pay attention to smaller ones that have potential to grow.

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