New Application For iPhone and Android By KitApps

KitApps has launched a new application ‘wizard’ for simpler Do-It-Yourself application developing. This is offered as the cheapest way for a small company to reach app market, with no extra costs and no extra technical stuff or knowledge. KitApps is not only easy to use but it also comes with a step by step guide that eliminates the need to do guess work. This application is comparable to the appsbar, appsmakerstore, phonegap and many other that came before it. However, many of these other applications are either too difficult to use, too expensive or come with inadequate functions. The KitApps is therefore the perfected version of the Do-It-Yourself applications. Its target market is planners who want to turn their event guide into an iPhone or Android phone application. It also enabled them to add schedules, speaker and sponsor profiles, maps among other things at the cost of only $249 per annum with unlimited downloads and content included.

When asked why people should chose this app over many others the co-founder replied by stating that it only takes 30 minutes to build an iPhone or Android app using KitApps and it comes at cheap price and thus making it the most convenient for small businesses. The company’s idea is to target the event industry is new and relevant since the experiment by Todd Rogers and Rick Solner (when they turned their event into a mobile application) proved to have worked perfectly.  On another note there is generally a lot of these applications that are said to be better and it somehow seems that the industry is lacking in innovative ideas, it’s always the same stuff maybe better but still the same concept over and over again. 

The KitApps team though has taken a new strategic business path, they have a team and investors based in Ukraine and that will give them a completive advantage in what is said to be ‘untapped markets’. The fact that there is a lot of applications of this kind might still play to their disadvantage even in ‘untapped markets’, at the same time with the help of their Ukrainian connections they might actually pull it off. The app will also be updated to further improve it social functionality and it will generate news feeds on what goes on at events automatically, this new update is expected to be out next month.

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