The Portland Trail Blazers on Your Mobile

The 21st century is a synonym for the high-tech century. And there is no surprise that technological progress is moving faster than ever. Every famous brand, company or team has its own official app.

But the Portland Trail Blazers is one of those that have just launched their mobile app. The team`s senior director of Interactive media Dan Harbison told how this application connected the team with its fans. He explained that in 2009 the team became the first NBA franchise that could broadcast its games online. As for the mobile apps, however, the Trail Blazers and many other teams trailed behind the modern trend. To be closer to fans, the teams should definitely be on mobiles, and it is especially important for the Trail Blazers.

When Harbison came to the team in 2005, he had a feeling that Portland didn`t care about its Trail Blazers. They had just ended a rough season 27-55, and it was obvious that to win back their fans, they would have to work really hard. Harbison, in his turn, also did a great job. During 2006-2007 he was doing tons of video production and connections through Myspace. Since that time, the team started to gain popularity, and people started to support their team.

The new app has two main aims. The first one is to provide updates about the game day and news concerning the team, and the second is to strengthen the community. Generally, it is totally focused on games, so the app changes several times during a day. The homepage looks like a calendar of upcoming games, and on the game day it switches over to that particular game.

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