AT&T Offers a Good Bargain for Nokia Windows 8 Phones

Nokia Lumia 820 is available at AT&T for $50 while Lumia 920 is being priced at $100. These are extremely low prices when compared with the third Windows 8 phone which is being simultaneously launched. The HTC Windows Phone 8X is priced at $200 despite the fact that this phone sports a smaller display and doesn’t have the bunch of features present in its Nokia counterparts.

Nokia has been struggling for the last few years as it tried to keep pace with its rivals – Apple and Samsung. The Finnish company has been seriously lagging behind, and this low cost Windows 8 smartphone might be its last attempt to re-enter a market which has become highly hostile. AT&T is also offering a free charging plate along with the Lumia 920, the accessory is worth $80. These prices are available to customers who are ready to sign a two year wireless contract with the 2nd biggest mobile provider in US.

All three smartphones entering the market would have the new Windows 8 OS. This is being considered as Microsoft’s answer to the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. If Nokia phones fail to sell despite the low prices, then it would mainly be because of the fact that the users are not ready to accept the new Microsoft brainchild. Thus, both Nokia and Microsoft are banking heavily on the Lumia smartphones to get them back in the main league. The low prices are clearly indicative of the fact that Nokia is not really going to boost its profit margins here; instead, the company is trying to increase the volume of its customer base in the US. All phones are available through AT&T.

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2 Responses to "AT&T Offers a Good Bargain for Nokia Windows 8 Phones"

  1. Clean says:

    Got the Lumia 920 red this morning. LOVING the phone so far… and confirm the amazing camera. Puts iPhone and HTC One X to shame. Also love the free charging plate deal, although it wasn’t in the store at time of purchase… they did say it would ship to my house.

  2. Five says:

    I tried to buy either the Note 2 or 920 off contract, but the AT&T closes to me wouldn’t because of limited inventory.


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