Nokia Going to Sign a Deal with Carriers

According to the Financial Times report, Nokia is trying to redeem positions while signing deals with European carriers. It is going to be a partnership which will include a support of the Windows Phone 8-based mobile devices developed by Nokia in exchange for the part of company’s revenue. As Financial Times suggests, such deal is to give a fillip to carriers to support Nokia mobiles promotion.

Since this information hasn’t been confirmed by Nokia, the rumors may emerge that the company is pushing its devices in order to make a more profitable deal with wireless carriers, than both Apple and Samsung can offer today.

Such aggressive campaign may denote that Nokia’s strategy is about to fall apart. As the company reported a week ago, its loss reached a $1.7 billion mark in the second quarter. Nevertheless Nokia acclaimed that Windows Phone 8 devices will become catalysts for its Lumia phones. Such a partnership may become a profitable deal for Nokia since they will get more influence on mobile device market. The later will help the company to gain more profit and rise in sales.

Such deal can become the largest  agreement for Nokia for the last few years. A couple of years ago the exclusive deals with wireless operators were made  for Lumia, which is now available exclusively with AT&T.

Today the consumers are choosier than they used to be before. They wish to have a device meeting all the requirements at the right price. Time will show whether Nokia will be able to surprise customers or not.

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