Orange Launches VoIP-based Mobile Carrier in a Libon App

As technological innovations bombard humanity, it is not that difficult to imagine mobile carriers deviating from their traditional services. Turning away from the heavily paid-for accounts, established mobile carriers worldwide are now competing to gain leverage in field of free messaging and calling service. Mobile service based solely on data connection is quickly becoming a trend worldwide among mobile users who take advantage of the sudden switch of technology to LTE-powered networks.

France Telecom’s Orange gains ground in this trend as it launches its new Libon app. This application bears semblance to typical mobile service offered by Skype and BlackBerry. It lures its users by offering free HD-quality VoIP calls, free messaging between users and visual voicemail service.

With such an offer, you may think that it’s high time for mobile carriers to re-consider their advertising schemes to be able to compete with the Libon App. They have every right to think this way because Orange is expanding its target market from ‘subscribers only’ to ‘public.’ Therefore, just about anyone may download the iOS app. The Android users will also be very pleased because an Android version shall be launched in the weeks to come.

The new app can be utilized for free or for a fee, depending on the service you want to avail yourself of. If you choose the free option, you can make zero-rated calls to other Libon users, send them text messages and contact them through voicemail. On the other hand, if you opt to subscribe for $2.99 every month (€2.69 or £1.99), you shall be entitled to free calls over VoIP to all your contacts from within the app, whether they are Libon users or not. In addition, you will be notified when you receive voicemails, get personalized voicemail and other valuable perks.

At present, Libon is available as a free downloadable app in 95 countries. New users can enjoy free Premium service for 30 days, with 60 minutes of free calls to landlines and mobiles across the globe.

Truly, Orange is boldly defying the traditional mobile service, going beyond what is expected of most mobile carrier. Will the hype last? No one can tell for sure.

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