Review of Emporia EmporiaCLICK

Emporia is a producer of phones that are specifically designed for older people or people who are disabled and not capable of using the other complicated phones. EmporiaCLICK is the latest in the line of such phones. The phone definitely looks the part with large buttons, a really big display that allows for customized font size. Doro’s PhoneEasy is another such phone which provides almost similar features but is priced nearly £20 extra.

The EmporiaCLICK handset does not have the plasticky feeling of the Doro 612. A mirror metallic finish imparts it a very classy appeal and a rubberized matte finish to the rear ensures a good grip which is mandatory for the market that the phone targets. This is a flip phone with the top panel completely dedicated to the display which allows the user to select bigger texts if they want. Two call control buttons are provided at the bottom along with a couple of arrow buttons for navigating through the menu.

The keys have a good feedback and they are large enough to be managed easily. Another button at the back is termed the ‘call for care’ button. Anytime that it is pressed the phone starts shrieking an alarm and also sends a sms to the 5 emergency numbers and starts calling them sequentially until somebody picks up. This is a great security feature that is especially valuable to elders living alone. A docking charging set ensures that there is no need to for any manual dexterity to charge the phone.

Emporia comes with a VGA camera that is not really good. Despite having Bluetooth it is not possible to transfer photographs to a PC as the Bluetooth does not allow this capability. The lack of a microSD port makes it impossible to take the photographs out. The menus are a little confusing and more difficult to master than those of the Doro 612.

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2 Responses to "Review of Emporia EmporiaCLICK"

  1. MacRR says:

    I only have this phone a short time and already i am sooo regretting buying it. it is so temper mental and the keys miss sometimes. this is particularly noticeable when trying to top up with voucher.

  2. al_bundy says:

    I got this phone for my Dad. This is a TERRIBLE phone, it never worked properly. It will not charge- often plugged in overnight and still not fully charged, brought it back to the vodafone store, it was sent away but still will not charge. The reception is brutal and more often than not a buzzing sound continuously when making a call. DISASTER.


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