Nokia PureView: a Camera Or a Phone?

The Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia PureView 808 got a lot of attention when it was unveiled. What drew the most interest was the 41-megapixel camera which it has. The camera is remarkably impressive for a phone, but the phone is not that fine because it’s based on Nokia’s old Symbian operating system. This means that its web browsing is very slow and it cannot be compared to that of iPhone or Android devices, and its interface is clunky in its design. Complaints about PureView 808 are fair as Nokia has rolled it out so perfect as if the company wanted it to remain on the shop shelves and show off its innovative looks. 

The PureView gives users 3, 5, 8 and 38 megapixel modes, this means that zooming is remarkable, for the first time it is like this on a camera-phone. People can also take big pictures then crop and enlarge them. This is because even if one takes a picture with the same size as with a iPhone, the 808 will have 5 times more pixels, the pictures it takes are way ahead of those taken by other phones. The video recording is also remarkable, it comes at 1808p and the phone even has an excellent microphone. However, Nokia PureView 808 does have a few downfalls though, the fact is that the phone doesn’t enhance the camera well. For example, sharing pictures is more difficult on it that it is on other platforms. But at the same time one has to remember that when it comes to technology, the Windows Phone 8 is coming in October, and then it will be a really great device that is bound to do well on the market.

When Nokia create their next phone, most probably it will have the same camera, but the phone will also have some great technology, meaning it will have good software. For now it will be in the 808, which despite its lack of excellent software, still feels like it was well thought out. Although it is not to be compared to Samsung S3 or an iPhone, it is a very effective handset for a camera. It has all the necessary hardware to make the camera work to its full potential. But Nokia will have to do better as far as software, if one likes an excellent camera why should they have to suffer Symbian Belle and endless illogical menus? It’s hard to recommend people to buy this phone, although it says a lot of god things about Nokia. When its interface will be replaced with the Windows Phone 8 OS all problems will be solved.

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