Nokia is Suffering from Windows Phone 8 Update

The fact that Microsoft decided to prevent Window Phones of older versions from upgrading drags Nokia’s Lumia reputation and popularity down. Windows Phone 8 platform is good-looking and it is a pity that those who have bought Windows handsets more than two years ago would not be able to check it, according to the decision made by Microsoft.

It is very unusual to announce an anticipated version of the operating system with the only purpose to say that some people will not be able to use it. Nokia is seriously endangered by this innovation, because those who bought the phones from Lumia line-up will not be able to update their software.

Nokia is in the most difficult situation in the US market. The company lost in the rivalry with Samsung Electronics and Motorola and has only a small group of fans. This resulted in the excessive promotion of Lumia 900 in the States, which required a lot of money. In the end Nokia fired thousands of people who used to work for the company.

According to the suppositions of analytics, Windows Phone 8 is going to rise in quality greatly. The key point of the new version is the common core between the PC/ tablet’ and the handset’s operating systems, which will make the integration process easier.

Even though Windows says it is planning to come up with some updates for the seventh version to look like the eighth one, the users might not be very happy because of this news. In a contrary, it is always possible to update the iOS version on Apple gadgets to the newest one, no matter how it will work in reality. The users can perform the same thing on Android too.

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15 Responses to "Nokia is Suffering from Windows Phone 8 Update"

  1. Bancho says:

    Hey……. It “Plays for Sure.”, though right??

    • iDude says:


      Nokia’s ads were right!

      Their customers were taking part in the largest Beta-Test EVER!

  2. jouster says:

    No Compromise!

  3. jasonfj says:

    Just bought a Lumia 900 a few months ago. Goodbye Microsoft on my next upgrade.

    • Hambleamikale says:

      Yup now the lumia 900 commercials of being a beta tester can end lol…

    • IonYz says:

      Ok. If you even own a lumina, you probably got it for $49. Get over it. Or go buy an iphone, Siri would love to hear from you.

  4. Chucker says:

    Windows Phone 7.8 for legacy devices will have lots of WP8 features. Not much different from iOS on older devices like the 3GS

    • alliance says:

      Except for the part where the 3GS is THREE YEARS OLD.
      Oh, if you want to choose the original iPad, it’s TWO years old. Still a hell of a lot better than most–all, actually–WP7 devices.

    • grahamw says:

      Agreed. I don’t understand all of this outrage. How many Android phone pre-2.0 received the update to Eclair? Next to none. How many Gingerbread tablets received Honeycomb… or Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich. What OS is the GSII running a year later? I’ve pretty sure it’s not ICS. When you buy an Android phone you have to expect it to be outdated in 6 months. The fact that MS said it would support all new phones for at least 18 months is huge.

  5. ABreemaalaloub says:

    Other than Hardware related features… what will the legacy phones miss. Before you call us “Shafted” can you please explain? Or is this another iOS fan boy comparison?

  6. Feynman says:

    Why would Lumia 900 need multiprocessor and higher resolution support? That’s why it doesn’t need Windows 8.

    WP 7.8 offers a new start screen. Lumia 900 owners will get it unless your carrier doesn’t allow it.

    • bartfat says:

      Maybe if it did, it would be upgradeable! How’s that obsolete hardware treating you now?

  7. Archipellago says:

    I wonder if Nokia will run a commercial this Fall saying the Windows Phone Beta Test is over.

    • alandail says:

      By this fall, they wont have the money to take out an ad.


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