Verizon Selling Tablets without Subsidizing

Verizon Wireless is no longer lowering the price for the tablets and so the gadgets are now available for the factory price. Customers may purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 for 549 dollars and a 16GB Motorola XYZBoard for 629 dollars after the contract with Verizon Wireless runs out.

The company changed its policy last month, just after starting a campaign called ‘Share Everything’. According to the new contract, those customers who participate in it, can link the tablet to other devices and share data with them. That is why the old requirement that the tablet needs a separate contract seems to be outdated.

As the result of the new policy and pricing scheme, Android tablets, provided by Verizon, are positioned like equal devices with Apple’s iPads, which are not subsidized by US carriers at all. Verizon used to sell Android tablets just like the handphones. The company also provided its clients with a reasonable discount in exchange for their 2-year engagement on the data plan. Though, this policy showed worse results than it used to in the case with handsets. The line up of the tablets alters quickly and the difference between the old and the new models is striking. In addition, the U.S. carriers have never subsidized affairs connected with tablets. That is why selling these gadgets at the full retail price and a monthly data plan is the best way out of the situation.

Perhaps, other carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T will follow the example of Verizon Wireless and the tablets will be treated more like computers than telephones. 

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