Nokia’s Story of Mistakes

A present Nokia SEO Stephen Elop is in the hard position. Everyone knows that he fell heir to a problematic company, but no one might feel sorry for him if Nokia Lumia 900 fails. If the project does not succeed, 10.000 positions will be cut (which is almost 10 percent of all the company’s human resources) and all managers will be fired.

Nokia is in a difficult situation, when everything can get worse anytime. Though, Elop is not the only person to blame in the chain of company’s misfortunes. The first huge mistake Nokia has made is the absence of flip-phones in the range. The problem arose in the beginning of 2000s, when Motorola Razr pushed Nokia’s candy-bar-style phones out from the US market. It would seem a minor issue, though Nokia refused to indulge the customers’ caprices and came up with more candy-bars instead of flip-phones. This is how the company lost the US audience for the first time.

Then Nokia refused to cooperate with local carriers and such companies as LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics took advantage of the opportunity and took the free place. Nokia’s position deteriorated even more when iPhone started working with AT&T and lowered its price to 200 dollars.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Nokia was its operating system Symbian. It should be retired when the first iPhone appeared and buried when Google’s Android entered the market. Though, it could be found on new models of Nokia’s smartphones, spoiling good devices, for example Nokia N97.

The last point that is not quite optimistic about Nokia is the choice of the new platform. The customers and analytics can only make guesses about the future success or failure of Windows Phone.

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7 Responses to "Nokia’s Story of Mistakes"

  1. admactanium says:

    NOKIA is TOASTNokia’s biggest mistake? Going with Windows phone instead of Android.

  2. marzetta7 says:

    If I had a time machine I would go back into 2010 and release Symbian ^3 devices with Belle as it is today on board. That was the biggest mistake. Nokia proved capable (look at Anna/Belle fast release cycle). Maybe we could observe a different reality now. Symbian is not as bad as ‘analyst’ say. Actually it has more ‘smart’ features than competition products…

    • Existence says:

      At the time a lot was made of the S^3 devices having a lot of modifications ‘under the hood’. Whether the Belle (or ‘Belle-like’) UI could have been implemented without this ‘under the hood changes’ I don’t know.

      To me that was always the biggest problem with S^3 – it looked old, it looked like Symbian, it looked like ‘same old Nokia’.

  3. ghostface147 says:

    Nokia mistakes:
    1. Deal with Intel.
    2. Deal with Microsoft.
    3. Weak own services: cloud storage, maps, messages.
    4. Constant fear of the Apple & Google. I guess it is main mistake.

  4. futuremac says:


  5. Cobra says:

    Time to buy Nokia stock? Buy low sell high. That’s if they even get off the ground. I think that have potential. I’m sure they’ll come around. Just very slowly.

  6. chu_bakka says:

    The double Ozzy Osbourne effect. Cool.


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