Features of the Windows Phone 8

Lots of features are offered by the latest mobile operating system released by Microsoft Windows phone 8. Multipurpose functions and tasks can be performed by this powerful mobile device. Unlike its predecessor Windows phone 7, Windows phone 8 allows you to make full use of your phone’s screen. Thus, you can decrease the sizes of the Live Tile and do a number of other things with the mobile device.

Nokia Windows phones allow you to download and save maps to your mobile devices. This Windows phone feature only applies to Nokia Windows phones. Downloading the map of an entire country may take few hundred megabytes.

Another top notch and wonderful feature available is multi-tasking. When the home button is held on, the menu pops up and therefore large thumbnail of recent applications in use are shown. Thus, multiple functions and switching between windows and applications can be done with ease. Deleting unwanted applications is also easy with Window phone 8. On holding down the cursor, uninstall option comes up and when selected removes the application.

Windows phone 8 can also be used to easily perform a function like taking screenshots. Using the Kid’s Corner feature provided by the device, you can allow your kids to play with your phone without the risk of deleting important documents and applications. The default camera setting of Windows phone 8 is basic and does not include HDR modes. However, you can choose a high resolution camera setting feature or even download powerful settings from the internet to your device.

Internet technology backing up Windows phone 8 makes it possible for you to have online storage space. This online storage space available for Windows phone 8 is called Skydrive. Files and information stored here can always be accessed with your Windows phone or even with a desktop or laptop device connected to the Internet. Other interesting features that can be performed with the Windows phone 8 include the identification of tunes without Shazam, reading QR codes and barcodes and lots more.

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  1. 3s says:

    Windows Mobile 8 is hands down the best OS system on a mobile phone. My windows 7 decise rocked. It’s fast smooth and very easy to use. Now with the New OS, it’s even faster, easier to use and of course with the new hardware capabilities it can definitely compete with Android Phone Specs!!! The only issue and the only reason I would not buy a WM8 phone but sadly I did buy the Nokia 920 is the SYNC software. It’s the worse P.O.S syncing software I’ve ever seen. Zune was amazing, and I wish they would just added more features and continued to use Zune as the Syncing Client, but this Windows Phone Sync software for Windows 7 and Windows 8 stinks. On my windows 7 the sync software is manual. I have to pick the files I want to sync from my phone to my computer, manually. So if you’re like me and have 10 GB worth of Music, 30 – 50 videos, and 100′s of pictures you’re surely out of luck when it comes to syncing those files to your PC on the FLY…its now all manually!


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