Microsoft Refuses Making Windows Phones Itself

The already world-famous Microsoft Company has been known for its domination at the international software market, and such a situation has been stable for many years. Nevertheless, the contemporary reaction at the Microsoft’s attempts to conquer the hardware segment of the computing market is ambivalent, as long as no one knows exactly what it will result in. An interesting fact in this context is that the previous effort to introduce the first ever tablet PC by Bill Gates failed back in the 2002.

Since then the computing society must have been waiting for something unusual to appear from the Microsoft fortress, and now they have announced the Microsoft Surface tablet PC with magnesium body, is ready to enter the competition at the tablet market and continue the everlasting rivalry between Apple and Microsoft.

After the official announcement of the tablet gadget, everyone was wondering whether the hardware epic will continue in another area. The plot is that Microsoft is providing the software part of the Windows Phones produced by different companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba or Nokia. The next question is if they have started conquering the hardware market, why doesn’t Microsoft start manufacturing their own Windows Phones instead of sharing the exclusive technology with the others?

However, the Microsoft representatives have made an official announcement that they have no intention of producing Windows Phones for the moment. Interesting is that “for the moment” gives them a nice opportunity to change their mind whenever they want. 

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27 Responses to "Microsoft Refuses Making Windows Phones Itself"

  1. Bon says:

    I don’t care what no one says…. Nokia still has the best hardware…. No need to worry about them they’ll get it right. If they had went with android they’d already have it right.

    • JeffDM says:

      if they went to android then it wud’ve been a headache for sammy and htc

      I don’t think this “stick to windows” plan is good. They should’ve made both android and windows deviced and continued developing meego!!
      It’s not too late but they won’t do it :l

    • Cuilla says:

      Yea especially for HTC though because their main focus is hardware and its good but looks the same …Nokia is a little more creative

  2. Luca says:

    They should stick with Nokia.

  3. Frank777 says:

    I’m glad Nokia went with Windows, we need a third os to compete with Apple and Google to keep the price within reach. Also, I hope that Blackberry limps along and finds themselves.

    • hmurchison says:

      Totally agree with you. I hate to think that Android and iOS would be the only 2 OS on the market. We need more competition.

    • mbarriault says:

      Blackberry will adopt WP8 or die. Mark my words.

  4. matrix07 says:

    They might be crazy but they havent lost their mind completely. The surface tablet is M$’s experiment in trying to see how far they can gouge consumers in their pursuit of apple walled garden profits! Win 8 is Vista 2.0 and that means Surface is a DOA device like many tablets are and in this case expense, metro and RT will sink it!

    • Artman says:

      That all depends on how easy it will be to wipe Surface and install a decent OS.It has nice hardware specs, but then again the price point suggested by Microsoft is all wrong.

  5. Investment says:

    So Microsoft sounds like its trying to be Apple. But all they will really do is upset their loyal partners who have to wonder if they should even market a Tablet or build a Windows phone. Considering Windows phones only have 2% of the smartphone market. Who could blame them.
    If I was Dell or HP I would tell Microsoft to go ahead and make your tablet and we can stop wasting money on a losing cause. Its not like Windows 8 is going to save the PC industry.

  6. Bauer says:

    Considering how thoroughly they have screwed Nokia over, Microsoft should be fully focused on helping Nokia get their WP8 handsets ready, and on finalising WP8 ASAP before Nokia go bust.

  7. Karelia says:

    Too bad, I would’ve totally bought one if they made a Surface WP8 Phone.

    • jccbin says:

      IMO, Nokia == MS Hardware. I hope Verizon gets their top class device this fall. I want off ATT so bad but really do enjoy my Titan. I’ll go where WP8 + Nokia is… sadly it may be staying at ATT

  8. k_munic says:

    If a phone looked like that I would get it instantly

  9. ANemoempolla says:

    take my money!! D:

  10. jahonen says:

    It would be like a knife in the back for Nokia!

    • dutch says:

      Yes, I bought Lumia 800 thinking that I will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 after, I know this is not depending on Nokia, but their decision not to upgrade at least Lumia’s family will hurt Nokia, If I would know at the time when I was asking Nokia with WP or Samsung with Android, I would have pick the Android one.

  11. glurx says:

    I didn’t imagine this was going to happen… It just wouldn’t make sense.

  12. bbwi says:

    Didnt they say the same thing about making their own PC hardware at some point?

    • Jimzip says:

      And video game hardware when they were working with Sega.

    • iMac says:

      and although i cant find it, im almost positive they said the same thing about MP3 devices before Zune.

  13. Abster2core says:

    Well then I won’t mind having a Nokia WP8 and a Microsoft Surface. Problem Solved :-p

  14. Fishyesque says:

    Nokia is dying just like RIM.

    And if Nokia keeps going on like this they have 2 options.
    One to go back with Symbian or two to be dead and stay dead.

  15. matt_s says:

    Maybe MS will just end up buying Nokia and keep the Nokia branding. It is a world wide brand after all, so they would be making their own phones under Nokia’s name.

  16. cgc0202 says:

    If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The problem is that Microsoft hasn’t done much right in a long long time. I understand the direction Microsoft is going @ creating an ecosystem of devices and platforms, but is it too little too late. Did they allow Google and Apple to get too far out front. I would love to see another solid competitor enter the market, but what’s their unique selling point; coolness, affordability, or something I am missing. Microsoft has been seriously let down by it’s hardware partners.

    If they needed to find a company that built solid hardware, incredible platform, and a huge customer based, they could have simply invested in Apple.

  17. involuntary_serf says:

    “But hey, let’s dump 1.2 BILLION into this thing called Yammer”

    • hardeeharhar says:

      Buy hey, let’s comment on things as if Microsoft only does business in mobile operating systems.


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