Nokia Lumia 900 Gets its Price Slashed

Mobile users can be really shocked with the latest news from the mobile devices market – Nokia is cutting the price to one of the latest innovated models Nokia Lumia 900 by half. The cost of the modified device will become $49.99 in comparison with $99 before the company’s price decrease, according to the international news agency Reuters. The company’s distributor in USA is AT&T.

The incredible decrease in price is not something surprising or outstanding for the Finnish company as they are working on the creation of a normal strategy in business. It really shows that the phone giant is trying to come back to the mobile devices market and get the top positions there with a new smartphone.

Lumia 900 is the first smartphone developed with a new Windows Phone operating system in its hardware. It is the result of the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft and it was firstly announced in London in the current year. The start in USA happened 3 months ago but it faced to a new problem – the launch of Windows Phone 8 that will be absolutely inapplicable to Lumia 900. During the first quarter of the year Nokia had quite optimistic sales figures in Europe but it is still not very successful in the USA.

Nokia owns 0.3% of the smartphone market in comparison with Samsung’s and HTC’s 0.5% with its Windows Phone 7 devices, according to the Nielsen information. The comScore data says it gained 4% on the smartphone market. The numbers for the second quarter are expected to be announced by Nokia this week already.

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