Galaxy Note 2 with a Flexible Screen Will Come to CES

A revolutionary new display panel from Samsung is expected to be shown at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Showcase. As for the size, this stuff shares the same length of 5.5 inches with the Galaxy Note 2.

The screen especially designed for smartphones has a 1,280 x 720 resolution with the density of 267 pixels. Its unbelievable flexibility will provide more freedom to mobile users as one can curve and bend it without breaking.

The previous Las Vegas tech event firstly unveiled Samsung’s 4.3-inch bendable screens, though the company told nothing about its further plans concerning those displays. Nevertheless, rumors kept to pointing out to the Galaxy S4 as a probably carrier of that feature.

Some analysts don’t doubt that Samsung’s mobile devices will come with unbreakable and foldable displays in and most probably that the Galaxy SV or Galaxy S IV will boast those screens.

Though some experts give positive forecasts regarding new flexible displays, it’s just an assumption and nothing else as only the official announcement from Samsung could make things clear. Moreover, in order to manufacture these advanced displays, the company’s labs need to develop a special touch panel cover as well as lens in addition to the sci-fi material of the display.

As mentioned above a bit earlier Samsung demonstrated its unique bendable functionality but no one knows for sure whether the company is planning to incorporate this worthy stuff into its products or not.  

Aside from the 5.5-inch flexible panel, Samsung is about to present its new 55-inch bendable screen at CES .

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