Nokia Lumia 900: a Mobile Fiasco?

According to the latest reviews the Finnish company is not doing very good; even price cut for the flagman Lumia 900 couldn’t prevent the company’s sales from falling. The high quality Windows Phone is now available for only $50 with a contract for 2 years. It is noteworthy that Lumia 900 was launched about 3 months ago and now the price for the main smartphone device gets cut. Some experts suppose that this is the signal that things are not doing really good with Microsoft and Nokia.

According to the data from comScore and Nielsen, the Finnish mobile company has sold about 330,000 Lumia 900 models in the Unites States; it was figured out that Nokia won only 1.3% of the whole USA market. The number for the first quarter of the current year for AT&T is 4.3 million for selling iPhones.

In comparison with some other models that were lately released (for example, Samsung Galaxy S), the Nokia’s model has a heavy design making it less attractive for consumers. According to some analysts, the company needs a complete refreshment in its brand image especially on the U.S. market to introduce absolutely new design features to their audience.

And there is one more serious problem with Lumia – the smartphone is not able to run the latest version of the operating system; it can only borrow a few features of the Windows Phone 8 software to be implemented to its Windows Phone 7. But would that be enough to compete with other more updated and modified smartphones?

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