The End of Lame Ads from Nokia

Probably one of the best things to have happened from Nokia’s huge shakeup was the end to its bad advertising throughout the Smartphone’s beta test campaign for their Lumina 900. Back in April regardless of what channel you turned to you would see the Lumia 900 being advertised.  

Much of this advertising was in fact not effective and if anything struck the phone’s real potential negatively. The advertising did almost nothing to highlight exactly what makes the Nokia Lumia 900 so unique i.e. its powerful camera, fresh look, the windows operating system and the competitive pricing. Which is why the result has been that the sales for the Nokia Lumia 900 has in most cases fizzled out and so everyone regards it as a modest success.

The campaign launched by Nokia might have been gutsy but it failed because it was competing in a market which is ruled by the Android OS and the iPhone. So making a splash with a big and bold claim did little, taking pot shots at the iPhone and the Android operating system didn’t make sense for a phone which hardly exists. And matters are made worse because Nokia cannot say for sure that the Lumia 900 is glitch free. Many of the units shipped were unable to get a good data connection, a big glitch which eventually had Nokia taking aggressive measures and began to offer $100 credit to people who had purchased the phone or were planning to purchase it for a limited time. The credit would cover the phone and the 2 year contract with AT&T. 

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