5.5 Inches Flexible Display to Be Unveiled at CES by Samsung

With the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) rapidly approaching, many tech companies are preparing to present their recent inventions in the electronics industry. Samsung on its part has announced that it plans to showcase one of the latest technologies to hit the smartphone and tablet industry. Samsung representatives say that a Galaxy Note 2 sized flexible display will be unveiled at the CES.

The display panel measures 5.5 inches just like its rigid display counterpart, has a 1280×720 resolution and a 267 pixel density. Even though the display panel is flexible, it cannot be completely rolled up; it can only be bent to certain angles. At the tech event, Samsung will also display a television sized flexible display. The display will be 55 inches and will serve to offer a glimpse into the near future technology.

During last year’s CES Samsung showcased another flexible display, this time 4.3 inches in length. Despite the frequent exhibitions, the company has made no announcement on whether it will incorporate the technology into any of its devices. Mark Newman, an analyst, however, says that Samsung will launch a product with the flexible display feature in the very near future. Newman speculated that the device might even be Galaxy S IV or S V.

Many tech fans are eagerly waiting for Samsung or any other company to release a device with the flexible display technology. If this happens, then the smartphone and tablet industry will have entered another technological era. The flexible display would allow companies to manufacture larger screen devices and allow users to carry the devices without much hustle. For now, however, we have to remain with our speculations and await the January CES to review Samsung’s latest invention.

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